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Computer, mobile, tablet, repair & it services

I have been involved in IT services for 22 years, and over that time I have gained exceptional experience in quickly identifying and resolving issues. I have taught many IT professionals that work for big and small businesses. Solving technology and providing excellent customer service and developing a healthy professional relationship is key to keeping you moving forward at the speed of light. If you are looking for someone to finally help resolve the issues you have been having with technology contact me for a free consultation. 

remote it services

I provide remote IT services for residential and business clients. I can manage and document assets, and provide end-user support including application support. Help with creating websites, email support, hardware and software deployment. Integrating Office 365 and Google Suite. 

networking services

Design, documentation, deployment, data, voice, corporate and guest WiFi setup. VLANS. Hotel Hospitality WiFi & TV deployment. Backup networks and redundancy. LTE installation, Hosted Voice setups or Hybrid Phone Systems. 

cable installation

Onsite ethernet cable, Coaxial for CCTV or CATV, On premise phone systems or Hybrid